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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  May 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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mexico's gdp slips below that of the u.s. lastly, also be looking at headline risks out of the ecb. >> all right. enjoy the trading day tomorrow. that does it for us here on the closing bell. >> "fast money" starts right now. >> in new york city's times square. here's what's happening tonight. proceed with caution, a prominent strategist finding signs a major market top is forming. how to protect yourself. why the nasdaq lagers may break out and drive the rally further. and the queen of real estate tells us where to find the most desirable properties. and we're seeing activity pick up right now. we're tackling postgame analysis. let's bring in our "fast money"
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friend john, because we want to start with technology. we saw cisco system shares ref up in the after hours show. very heavy volume. >> certainly the interview john chambers on cnbc this morning, that didn't hurt either. chambers was very upbeat on that call. clearly i believe that was the catalyst for a number of technology stocks seeing unusual volume today. tech has lagged, we've talked about it all year. the tech people are coming back into tech. apple is one of the reason's tech has lagged. not google, it's been a stalwart. google was four times volume stock and options. n tap absolutely exploding today. a variety of stocks. oracle. we're seeing fast money flows in stocks and options. >> props to brian mshl who said
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emc could be the biggest beneficiary off cisco earnings. dan, you're looking at oracle. >> cisco's really had a tough couple years. a lot of it has to do with the perpetual restructuring, cutting costs and shedding non-core businesses. misdisput misexecuted here and there. oracle, same thing. massive earnings gap lower. macro headlines. but they misexecuted, did not close a couple big deals. so i'm saying here's a company that if they execute expert and if what john chambers is seeing about different jog reafes and enterprise spending, oracle will be a clear beneficiary. they don't report until late june. but i think it will be a big data point looking into the second half. we keep hearing cyclicals will work if the economy is getting
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better. to doc's point quickly, some of the other companies emc up 4%. oracle never got going. so for some reason, investigators are a little leery on this one. >> cisco, their numbers beat everybody, so fundamentally it's refreshing, nice to see john chambers, he's happy john. but more reason than usual. when i look at big tech, rotation, you have valuations that were cheap. big, big capacity to put to work. big guys in the market that need to get into it in a hurry. this is where you go. so look what's going on at microsoft. bill gates becomes the richest man in the world again today. and this is more of a function i think of where microsoft continues to plot along and where people actually have priced in way too much negativity in terms of the windows 8 cycle. there are other places that they're winning. >> i'm with tim. cisco was great numbers,
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fantastic, but to be up 10, 12%, it's clearly bond-type investors that are getting into the market saying where am i not going to risk losing a huge amount? everybody piled into that one name. >> take a look at the chart of google. this was an interesting one. right out of the gates google hit an all-time high, another one. the ninth in a row, quickly give it up and closed close to low. >> the money seemed to be out of apple and into google. maybe that was the reverse today. i still like the google story. also not a crazy valuation. napelds like cisco, even with the nice move today, you don't see cisco. that's a quality and the balance sheet -- >> it's sounds like your nibbling. >> not yet. >> on your radar?
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>> absolutely on my radar. >> google, we just talked about it so calmly. google since mid april has gained the market cap of almost facebook in a month. now, before this thing -- i mean, that's eye-popping when you think about what's going on here. growing 16% over the next two years, but we're not talking about google bubbles like apple in the back half of last year or early this year. when things are going -- >> are you saying we should look at it through the lens of what happened to apple? do you think it's a para bolic run and that run from 400 to -- >> that's my least favorite thing about google, the run that its had. google is innovating, coming out with google glass. >> doesn't matter if they're not able to monetize their innovations. >> so far it haven't, but
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eventually it does. when you look at apple, when it peaked, that was the peak of their innovation. now you have google in there, and everybody skeptical whether or not they'd be able to run this company, but they're innovators, that's what we're finding out. whether or not their self-driving car works or not, they're going to come up with good ideas. >> i don't know what google glass is. >> it's that thing where you can watch parn while you're watching down the street. >> i would never do that. google is no longer this absurd cheap story that people were talking about too. i think big cap tech is one of those things, it was a value trap, but now you've seen the balance, you get to a place where it's too expensive. i don't buy tech when it's uber cheap because it's cheap. it's like commodities, i want to see them have some momentum and trade somewhat expensive. with google here, 25 times, there's nothing left. >> as far as apple and to
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karen's point about apple, when you saw that turn today, i mean, apple got right down to that critical support, at least in my mind -- >> bounced off. >> it turned and burned 20 points to the upside. that's a big turn because as much as we're talking about cisco and that $15 billion in market cap that they put on today, apple did $20 billion on that move. >> that was a nice move. but do you think this is just a sign of the stock hitting the bottom end of the range it has been in? >> and i think it's just defining what investors thought of who got in and out based on the 13 d's and all the other stuff that's been leaking out about the funds. >> overall, bullish, not bullish? >> overall, i am bullish. i saw faster money flows, although out in september, the broad market tech, i saw a big sale out there. but it's higher than the market. the xlk is 43 and change.
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>> doc, always good to see you. >> in just a few weeks, cramer joins them at the street monster conference. it takes place june 7 and 8th, to register learn how to trade like a monster, log on to the street let's check after-hours action. dell reporting quarterly action after the bell. john joins us with the latest. john, what do you have? >> well, a lot of interesting conversation about dell's abrupt change in pricing strategy, dropping prices and user computing group. that's where we saw profitability down 65%. had a big part to do with the eps coming in at 21 cents versus 35 cents. dell talking about their hopes that the computing environment might improve later in the year.
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intel is set to announce has well a comp yu tex in taiwan in june. we should see new designs for pcs coming out. also more commentary around touch. a lot of pc makers hoping as the cost of touch comes down, they can get improved demand overall for windows 8 systems. but a lot of conversations about the margins, what level. tony sack nagy right now asking what level of acceptable margin is there going to be for this end user since we see profitability coming down so far. dell saying, we're not managing this quarter to quarter, which in the context, happened between michael dell and icon is pretty interesting. maybe they're not so concerned about making the be ins look good quarter 230 quarter. i guess it's up to the investors to decide who that benefits. >> thanks so much. >> should we care about it? it seems like it's destined --
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>> if i was dell, i'd want to make it look at bad as possible. >> and there lies the conflict. >> we saw intel, microsoft, we know pc sells things. when you talk about who's innovating and who is not, they're not in the game. >> they spent 33%. there r & d spending was up 33%. so are you trying to spend the money now, so it's not on the balance sheet, or is it a case where they're actually -- i think this is actually relatively good news. i think this is a very good defense saying, we're not sandbagging at all. we're trying to figure out how to get into other parts of the business that they're excited about. >> let's move on. it has been a whopping record 179 days since there's been a pullback of 5% or more, so are we due for a pullback at this point?
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let's bring chief market strategist, steve, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> it's been an amazing run. so many people say it's time for a correction. what do you see? >> well, the methodology we use is calls the wave principle model of financial price behavior developed back in the 1930s and it reveals that mass psychology moves from pessimism to optimism and back in a natural sequence that creates specific and measurable patterns. a brought along a chart to show what an elliot wave looks like in realtime. if you look at the sep&p's rall you can see a five-wave pattern to the upside. that's what it looks like in realtime. when that fifth wave is complete, the market always will reverse trend and correct at least that previous five-week advance. we think the correction will be a little bit bigger than that, but right now, we think we're at the end of the fifth wave and ready to reverse to the
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downside. >> so from what i'm hearing, this means it's time to short the s&p 500? >> or at least move to safety. if you want to take your risk capital and do that, that's fine. i don't recommend that for most people, but moving out of the market and into safety for a while, until the market declines and gets to an oversold level or a level where there's a high degree of pessimism, that might be the better strategy right now. >> you guys are making a pretty big call here saying, you're being short the market, i see from your research, without really a stop. so this is kind of big, and you're saying it could be a three-year down trend. so what changes your mind here, or are we all just going to be using the hash tag -- >> i think what would change my mind is all of a sudden a lot of these people were extremely optimistic, even in the put call ratio, which shows two times more calls being bought than puts i think if that cohort
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turned pessimistic, we might reexamine where we are. but the odds favor we'll have to go down in price for them to get pessimistic. >> how do you get the three years? should we just turn you off for three years and not listen? i mean, where does that come in? >> well, the three years, a long-term forecast by bob protector, the president of our company, based on long-term cycles and time relationships between previous waves we've looked at. so 2016, give or take, is where we see the next major buying opportunity. there will be bottoms and rallies along the way, but i think the decline will be pretty persistent into that time period. >> i want to shift to gold. we've seen a bear market. where are we? time to find a bottom, or more downside? >> i think there's more downside. that elliot wave they talked about is extremely evident in gold from the 1999 low to the september 2011 high.
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gold's been going down despite historical monetary and fiscal stimulus. nobody thought gold could go down. i think it's topped out. we're a year and a half in a bear market and i don't think it's over yet. >> thanks for your time. >> i wonder what the reference points should be viewed in the same context. in other words, he's talking about momentum. think of the disparity, we're talking about a trillion six between what flowed out of equities into bonds, so there could be bigger room for this thing to trade higher, if i look purely at momentum. i'm not making a call on their call. >> the call on gold is interesting. you're short gold? >> i'm short gold. i look at gold as the aggregate price level around the world. so if you're looking at gold falling, then a disinflationary environment, which would go to
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their call, asset prices including equities should go a little bit lower. >> let's check on after-hours action before we head to break. nordstrom trading lower. missed on earnings and revenue, but they reaffirmed fiscal year guidance in line with earnings. missing both the top of the bottom for autodesk. coming in lower than expected. coming up next, the dogs of the daq, as in nasdaq. why they're worth a second look. calling all gamers, a couple of scrappy start-ups are looking to take down the big boys, like microsoft, sony, and zynga. we'll reveal cnbc's list of travel disrupters. much more "fast" straight ahead. into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist...
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who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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>> let's check on struggling retailer jcpenney. courtney reagan has the latest. >> that's right. jcpenney reporting dire earnings, a loss of $1.31 a share. they had been expecting a lot of 86 cents. we had those numbers from the prerelease on may 7.
5:19 pm
they confirmed sales came in, slightly shy of expectations. those comp store sales number, down 16.6%. they're taking calls. this is the first time wall street has heard him in his second run as ceo. so far the theme is stabilization. he's using terms like looking forward, not back. the senior leadership is intact. not making any meaningful hires, nor any reduckedzs in staffs. they're strengthening financials. stabilizing the business. they want to drive the conversion, restore traffic. i think that's what wall street wants to hear right now. ullman was brought back in to stabilize this sinking ship, reinforce those relationships with the vendors and the people that he needs to his side to make sure that that happens. now the shareholder meeting is tomorrow. we will be there and we'll be able to bring you more. right now that conference call is ongoing. hopefully we'll be able to bring you more when there's news. back to you.
5:20 pm
>> courtney, thanks so much for that. that's what wall street wants to hear. but that's what wall street wants to see. >> absolutely. i think there may be a kitchen sink quarter. the bar was set very low. >> right. >> not on his dime at all. these numbers, that gross margin at 30 -- a little over 30, is horrible. i know i wouldn't buy it. >> you been short on bonds. they're just secured new financing. they're going back to basics, not going to be doing anything -- how do you feel about the cash flow side of this company? >> they're stuck. they have stores that are half built. they got to spend money to finish them. >> are you still short bonds? >> still short bonds. >> pushing the nasdaq to fresh 12-year highs. there are dogs which could break out of their slump. eric jackson is here with us.
5:21 pm
this notion of the dogs of the daq, coming from the dogs of the dow. one stands out. yahoo has seen a huge run. why do you say in this is in fact a dog still? >> well, even here, yahoo is very rarely mentioned compared to the big names of tech. it's way underappreciated. everybody looks at the stock price, see an 80% gain, six seven months, too far too fast. i don't think so. the main reason why people are excited has been the growth of the two asian asset, yahoo japan and alibaba group. i would say the alibaba story is far from over. i think it will be a bigger deal than the facebook ipo last year.
5:22 pm
so you can expect a bump in yahoo shares as well. >> goldman sachs doubled its valuation to alibaba. cantor doing the same. that seems to be the critical input into your model, in terms of deciding that yahoo shares still have room to run. so what's the number? >> well, i think it's interesting because alibaba, unlike facebook last year, is incented to keep it as low as possible. because when the ipo comes, they have to buy out half of yahoo's stake. so they're going to have to fork out a lot of cash. they'd like to pay less for that stake than more. i think it will come in between 60 and $70 billion. but where it goes in the post ipo market is a different story. and i think it's very realistic you'll see that trade up to about a hundred billion dollars after it goes public.
5:23 pm
>> what about zynga, groupon, a lot of people are questioning what is the business model, we're doing this whole feature on disrupters and a lot of these guys seem like they're in places where it's easy to see them fall to competition quickly. >> i think groupon and zynga are really interesting of all the dogs out there, because they've been left in the ditch, obviously down more than 80% from their ipo prices. but they've been remarkably resilient in the last six months. there's a floor, i think, on both of these stocks. even with the kitchen sink bad news they've had with bad ceo, fired ceo, bad results. just recently zynga earnings, the reaction was, this thing is tanking. yet the thing bounced back. there's a floor here with cash and real estate assets. you're basically getting the upside for free with both of them.
5:24 pm
that's the play. i don't think you have to bet on a blockbuster turnaround. you have to hope a couple things go right with these stocks and they could double. >> we've been talking on the inner tubes or whatever you want to call it. blackberry, here's a name where short interest names are going berserk, what the heck is wrong with this company? we know the products stink, but what is wrong with the stock that it can't even get going? 37% short interest, a heavy concentration of the top holders. what's going on? >> i think you made a great call a week or two ago, that this, there's some good things happening here. we've seen what's happened to tesula, green mountain, why couldn't that happen for blackberry? i think where we're at at this moment in time, waiting for a solid earnings call with a full quarter's worth of numbers on
5:25 pm
the new phones, or at least good indications with the q 10 phones which would be the driver for the stock. because that's the keyboard phone. we'll find out in the june earnings release, really how things are going. after that, how the q 10 is rolling out. and with some decent, not spectacular, but decent numbers in those phones, i think that will be the trigger for the short to cover. >> thanks for your time. time for pops and drops. big movers of the day. >> up 3%. looks like it's buffets two the portfolio managers taking a stake in there. it backed off 60, so i would use that as resistance, be careful. amd down 12%. >> i stock that had been the best performer in the s&p got hit with a golden buzz saw downgrade. they have 43% downside. easy to knock it down. >> pop.
5:26 pm
mike? >> kohl's beat on earnings, reported about 67 cents a share. the street was looking for a year on year decline, even though they were looking for upside on the revenue side. this stock is in a longer term down trend. it's got a lot of volatility. i think you'll get a better opportunity to buy it than right here. >> visa, karen? >> i love these, but if you're waiting for a place to see a pullback, so you can jump in, this down 1% isn't big enough to do it. >> drop here for celgene. >> it doesn't take a lot of news for stocks that are up like this. down 5% off the all-time highs on mixed data, i'd probably avoid it. >> and the pop for bea arthur.
5:27 pm
how much would you pay for a topless picture of maud? that painting sold for nearly $2 million. the controversial golden girl piece was done by artist john kern in 1951 and purchased by an anonymous buyer. you know why he remains anonymous. >> what's the betty white portrait going for? >> would you buy either? >> not my type. >> too expensive. >> coming up next, the marriotts and sheratons of the world take notice. one of our cnbc disruptors has you in their sight. and the number one real estate agent in america, dolly lans gives us the lay of the land, telling us where to find the most desirable properties. back right after this. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm so into it,
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let's get a market flash with josh lipton at headquarters. >> we're watching nordstrom, which reports and disappoints. posts disappointing sales and profit for the first quarter. same store sales rising 2.7%. also lower, its four year sales forecast, down about 3% right now in the after hours. melissa, back to you. >> thank you very much, josh. macy's had a great report. >> but one thing they did tonight they had a little weakness at the high end and a little weakness at the low end. so interesting that we saw walmart and jwn mistoday. >> bea arthur didn't have any
5:32 pm
miss at the high end. >> we don't know about the low end because it's waist up. moving on. this week, we're revealing the cnbc disrupters, julie joins us once again here at the nasdaq. >> great to be here again. so far we've revealed disrupters in retail, media, manufacturing, enterprise, financial services, transportation, and health care. up next our travel and leisure disrupters. taking advantage of the power of gps and mobile to transform the way people spend their time, from travel to gaming. >> 33 million users check into four square to find deals and trade info on hot spots, allowing 1.3 million advertisers and merchants to target ads based on where they are, an alternative to city search and newspapers. slashing travel costs, hotent tonight is designed for
5:33 pm
last-minute mobile booking. the people using the app can book discounted rooms at noon the day of stay, including wynn las vegas. revenues expected to triple this year, disrupting the likes of expedia. threatening the video game industry, ka bam brings games mostly for free, compared to $60 packaged games. backed by google, intel and warner brothers, it's on track to go 50% to $270 million this year. ouya is working on a next generation game console going on sale for $99 in june. its open source platform takes on microsoft's xbox and sony's playstation. our final disruptor in this category, air b and b allows homeowners to list prices to stay, from a private island.
5:34 pm
air b and b has booked more than ten million nights and more than $120 million in funding. joining us now is air bnb's ceo. congrats on being a cnbc disruptor. >> thank you for the invitation. >> the market is remarkable. but i guess the question is, how big could this really be? are you going to near your limit of how many people actually want to rent out their rooms? >> this question has existed since we started the company. at the end of the day we're about access. we want to provide access to some of the most meaningful experiences all over the world. when we started it, it was limited to people renting their bedrooms. then people started renting their homes. now we have over 300,000 homes. i think it's actually just the beginning. you're starting to see city by
5:35 pm
city, this broader movement happening, the sharing economy. it really means an economy powered by people. a lot of people have extra space. for travelers, it never occurred to them this is a way to travel. it's often times more unique and interesting. >> who are you competing with? is this a different type of audience that would any to hilton? >> well, i i don't think we're necessarily, we're pretty much a new category. so you could argue we could be competing with traditional providers, but i think the travel industry is a multitrillion dollar industry. that number will be two billion pretty soon. so the travel industry is booming so quickly. partly because of mobile. more people want to be in the real world. so i don't think for us to win, other people have to lose. i think all of us in the hospitality industry are
5:36 pm
starting to ride this huge wave of travel. i think in many ways we're as much competing with people just saying home than like a hotel because a lot of them would have gone to the city. >> the sharing economy certainly a fascinating trend. i have to leave it there. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> check out all the disruptor 50 companies, and you can see all the sectors that have made the list. tomorrow morning we'll unveil the companies disrupting the telecomgiants and wrap up the whole series on "fast money" with the energy disruptors here tomorrow night. >> he mentioned a lot of people have extra space, but in the cities that i would want to travel to, i would imagine those are the kinds of people who would not have extra space. here in new york city, who has extra space to just rent out? >> i think a lot of time people are going away on a business trip. so while they're out of the apartment. people rent rooms, but a lot of times it's just the whole
5:37 pm
apartment. >> i totally don't get this. >> i don't know if it's an age thing or what, but the first thing comes to my mind, is who is in there. >> vacation rental by owner. >> but what about if you're there, great job next door. >> it's a whole new category. >> as much as he tried to give the touchy feeling answer, i think on some level he's right. i want to stay in a hotel, not somebody's bedroom. >> fresh sheets. >> i want to stay in a nice place. >> chocolate on the pillow. >> i like it too. >> julia, thank you. see you tomorrow. >> walmart shares falling 2% after the world's largest retailer reported a weaker than expected quarter. mike, what did you see? >> if you were looking at today's options volume, one of the things you might have noticed put volume was greater
5:38 pm
than call volume, maybe you would think that's bearish, but i think we saw a lot of put sellers, people who might have made speculative bets, going into the earnings result, now that the news is out, realizing it's not going to push the shares down that much lower. they're collecting about a dollar for those sales. i think what they're telling us, they see little chance it trades below over the next six weeks. >> coming up next, why it could be one of the best times to climb the property ladder. dolly lenz tells us have the smart money is going. much more "fast" straight ahead. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor...
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welcome back to "fast money." we're live at the markets in new york city's times square. housing down 16.5% from the previous months. will the housing recovery continue to be a bumpy ride? let's look deeper with the queen of real estate, dolly lenz. she's a stop real estate by broker in in the united states
5:42 pm
in sales. you came excited about juicy tidbits of information about the highest end of realize in the city and perhaps in the country. >> so interesting, right? so today the owner of the city spire penthouse decided to relist his apartment, but now instead about a broker. this is the highest fizz bow we've heard of in the entire universe. interesting he's decided to take that sale on himself. >> he doesn't want to pay the commission. >> exactly, saving money. >> or he's got a buyer. >> but he wouldn't list it then. they'd do a quiet deal. he's looking for a buyer. that's why he's out there. the other point we've heard and the associated pregs reported that big ackman, or an entity behind bill ackman is the mystery buyer behind 157's penthouse. so whether he's going to move
5:43 pm
in, buy to flip, whether the fund bought in, what the story is, we'll yet to be played out, but it's very interesting. >> obviously real estate is the story of haves and have notes and have more. because in this case, you're talking about the have more market. how is that market firming up? and you're also saying there's a divide, a tipping point when it comes to real estate in new york where 3 million is that line in the sand? >> it's funny. almost all the listings that come on under three million, they sell quickly. you have an open house, you have bids. whether the buyer takes the bid or not is another story. but they're very fluid. over three million, they drag, it stays there, people look at t relook at it. so really is a divided story. but then we get to the stratosphere, and the stroot sphere, like the art stratosphere, which we witnessed last night, almost $500 million at christie'christie's. it's mind blowing. i guess they need places to put
5:44 pm
that art, these great apartments. >> in terms of supply, there's a thelo of people who would come out of the wood work at the right price. they say can you believe where this is trading and if i can convince my wife that we'll live in a motel for a while, i'm done. >> bnb? >> good point. >> but where's the supply come into play here? i know there's contained supply, but there's a price for anything. >> supply is a key factor in any market. because the demand is pretty static. so the supply, if we don't get supply, you can't sell it. if we do get the supply, that will push down prices. and we are expected to get supply. people are looking to cash out. >> and do those big deals, i assume financing is not an issue. >> i think they have special deals. by the way, your apartment is great. are you interested?
5:45 pm
no [ laughter ] >> you can rent a room somewhere. >> air bnb. >> dolly, thanks for stopping by. are you thinking of selling? >> if i could convince -- yes, i would. you can't get emotional about real estate. >> there's a price for everything. coming up next, sizzling ways to play the hottest trade on the planet. shares of tesla motors, a look at whether their rally is on auto pilot. back right after this. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicing. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. available out there.
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>> shares of tesla getting another big pop today as the company announces a new plan to raise capital. take a listen to dan last week after an already huge move. >> do i short desula here? no, you do not. who knows why it's going up the way it is? but remember this, these set-ups where you have the top five shareholders that own more than 50% of the shares and 50% of the shares are short, you do not want to get involved in these things. to me, you avoid these stocks altogether. >> but the stock continues to
5:49 pm
climb 34%. since dan said, do not short tesla. >> it's a mania, we don't know what's going on here. the cars look great. i was in california last month. i saw a ton of them on the roads. it's a pretty fascinating thing. we have not seen a success in the u.s. auto market outside the big two or three in a long time. i don't know. i know a lot of people ask me when it short it -- >> you just stay away completely. >> it could go to a thousand in ten years. who knows? so avoid on the short side. >> we'll be playing that sound clip. it could go into a thousand in ten years. it will be interesting. we've been tracking the hottest trade on the planet. japan, let's go to tim and get the latest on what he's seeing right now. >> japan we've talked about, spent time on this week because it deserves time. concerned about the jgb market, concerns about the dislocations. what you're seeing is an extremely dislocation going on between the topics and the jgb
5:50 pm
market, but more importantly, there's an index which tells an even greater story of equity momentum. so the tse mother's index, which is essentially their small cap, their emerging companies, not emerging markets, but new companies, high growth companies is trading off the charts until it's now. the standard deviation from the main index has broken all correlations. but in the last two days, down 14%. this is the retail. people talk about shanghai. this is your a-shares market, not because it's self-con taped, but because this is where retail plays. i would be concerned about this, something to watch when we talk about the frothyness in japan. >> especially if energy costs are starting to rise. which will hit the retail investigator first. >> and if that plays through to some of the small businesses. the pe on this index is 80. >> wow. coming up next, one hedge
5:51 pm
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brian kelly. first the good. bk has made bullish bets on monsan monsanto. take a listen. >> prices have been up. i like monsanto here. >> my google glasses are telling me you can still buy monsanto even though it's up tonight. >> it's up 8% since then. the supreme court ruled in favor of the company in a highly publicized patent dispute. what do you do now? >> i still like monsanto now. you can get the corn and the ag, and cotton too. cotton is probably one of the better commodities out there. so i stick with it. >> now to the bad. last month bk was trading a pop in lennar. take a listen. >> on the home sale numbers, i think up 7% to me is a little bit overdone. i'd be careful in this name at these levels if you're in it and
5:55 pm
lucky enough to get that 7%, take some off. >> lennar has continued to climb, up another 12%. >> clearly i should have worn my google glasses that day. the home builders to me have just completely -- >> so do you end this now? >> no i do not. >> you should be more of a seller now? >> i absolutely would be. up another 12%, brian would believe selling. >> do you ignore bk's advice? >> no. >> let's get to the ugly. we know bk is a fan of the meat space. and the oscar mayer wiener mobile is celebrating its 25th anniversary. look who we found in the wiener mobile. >> you know what's funny, when i graduated from business school, they came to campus looking for somebody to drive that around the company for the summer. and jobs were tough. i didn't get the job. >> it would have been an awesome job. open road, all the wieners you
5:56 pm
can eat. >> i don't like talking about it. they like the heinz. it was a mess. >> them's are fighting words! >> coming up next, first move for tomorrow. much more "fast" straight ahead. before global opportunities were part of their investment strategy... before they funded scholarships to the schools that gave them scholarships... before they planned for their parents' future needs and their son's future...
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5:59 pm
it's time now for the final trade for this thursday. around the horn. mike? >> i'm looking at 3m here trading at 52-week high, 16 and a half times earning, a turn and a half higher than average. i look there and at the market, i'd look to take my profits in that one. >> brian? >> we have the elliot wave fellow on today, he talked about a major top here. so you can buy some puts here. but look at tlt, huge move today. you can get some yield out of this, protect your portfolio on the downside. so i'd buy tlt here. >> tim? >> i think the numbers from walmart were not as bad as people made them out to be. we're talking about their forecast, which missed. but i'd be buying because these are guys that have excelled in this economy and they continue
6:00 pm
to compute. long walmart. >> karen? >> i like r & r block. >> i bought some vix calls to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. another people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job not just to entertain you, i'm going to teach you how this market works. call me. 1-800-743-cnbc. what is froth? i know you told you, beer is


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